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loose leaf tea

Loose Leaf Tea Blends

Ditch the tea bags. For the freshest cup of tea make the move to loose leaf. We purvey only the finest spices, herbs, and premium loose leaf tea to bring you blends brimming with flavour. Find our full selection of loose leaf teas here.

We are uncompromising in our pursuit of quality. Our tea sommelier oversees the production of all our loose leaf tea. Blends are crafted in-house, in small batches to protect the quality and authenticity of each variety.

Whole loose leaf teas have so much more intensity and complexity of flavour, than lower quality tea bags which feature dust and fannings. With loose leaf tea, you can lean into the ritual of tea making and become a mixologist of your own. Experiment with the strength of your tea, add milk and sweetener or try re-steeping the leaves a second time. Everyone likes their tea a slightly different way.

If you are concerned about convenience then consider modern options for brewing your loose leaf tea. From compostable bags to mesh balls and tea infuser tumblers, there are tea accessories for every tea lover.

Clearview Tea Co. is a small Canadian, family business which is based on a profound passion for what we do. We are privileged to be part of the tea-making tradition and want to share our loose leaf tea blends with you. Shop now and support local.