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creamy tea

Creamy Tea

Relax with a comforting cup of creamy tea. Leave bold flavours behind and sink into a velvety cup of tea that simply screams comfort. It is the ultimate elixir to aid your relaxation.

  • creemore market blend loose leaf tea
    creemore market blend loose leaf tea
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    Creemore Market Blend

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    Loose Leaf Tea • Caffeine • Black Tea Creamy, Velvety & Comforting Creemore Market Blend is our signature black tea blend. We invite you to enj...

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    from $14.00

Nothing quite says cozy like a cup of creamy tea. Blended with a mix of herbs and spices to boost the creamy textures, these rich loose leaf teas can be found in most categories from black to herbal, rooibos and more.

No matter the mood, there’s a creamy tea to fit the bill. Blended for balance, these teas co-exist with minty, fruity, and floral flavours to round out harsher tones into a comforting cup. These teas deliver on more than the sweet taste of cream. They also follow through with a velvety smooth texture. 

Creamy teas find their best flavours when served warm. Embrace the comforting fragrance of vanilla interwoven with secondary elements to draw out nutty and fruity undertones.

To kick your creamy tea up a notch, try a dollop of Devonshire cream or whole milk in your tea. It will help to offset any bitterness, which are a result of naturally occurring tannins in the tea, and a favourite of Queen Elizabeth herself. Calming and sophisticated, these teas are ones to serve at every party.