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Rooibos tea


Smooth, sweet, and caffeine-free, rooibos is a versatile tea with tons of benefits. Discover our selection of loose leaf rooibos tea and enjoy this easy-to-love tea variety.

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    chai rooibos tea
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    Chai Rooibos Tea

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    Loose Leaf Tea • Caffeine Free • Rooibos Spicy, Bold & Comforting A rich, aromatic spice blend lends sophistication to the subtle rooibos base ...

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Rooibos tea is smooth-drinking, without the bitter taste associated with tannins. Instead, you’ll find only sweetness in this tea, with a clean finish on the palate. Rooibos tea has a light, refreshing flavour that makes it the perfect option to enjoy alone or as a base for other beverages.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy our loose leaf rooibos tea. You can enjoy our loose leaf tea blends alone, with a splash of milk, or a squeeze of lemon. Rooibos tea can be consumed hot or iced. One popular way to enjoy this unique tea is to make a rooibos chai latte. This can be made by brewing a cup of rooibos tea, then adding sweetener and a splash of frothed milk.

Rooibos tea comes from the South African rooibos bush, where the leaves are plucked and then dried under the sun. This process gives a rich, honey-sweet finish. As rooibos tea contains fewer bitter tannins and no caffeine, it is also quite easy to steep. You can steep this tea for much longer than others to get a strong flavour without getting that unpleasant bitter taste true teas can produce.

Rooibos tea is warm and inviting, like a crackling fireplace or a comforting blanket. It makes the perfect addition to any tea collection. Discover our wide range of loose leaf rooibos tea blends and enjoy its welcome sweetness.