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floral tea

Floral Tea

The flowery taste of floral tea can balance out any day. These blends are earthy, aromatic and delicate. For centuries floral teas have played a starring role in tea culture for their unique flavour and elegance.

Floral teas tend to sit under the umbrella of green tea or oolong due to the lower caffeine count in their blends. Using earthy bases to ground the more delicate sensations of the floral tea, these blends are understandably a popular choice.

As with most loose leaf tea blends, there are health benefits to floral tea that make them worth trying. Each flower offers a different benefit. However, overall floral teas tend to come packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Their light and botanic fragrances also serve to soothe the mind and some blends are used as a sleep aid. 

More than anything, the simple routine of preparing and drinking a floral tea can be enriching. However, the way you prepare your floral tea will depend on the type you choose. Steeping for too long or at too high of a temperature can damage the petals or leaves of your blend. So follow the detailed steeping instructions on the label for the perfect cup. 

These blends know what they’re doing when it comes to balancing the perfect amount of fruity and floral.