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energy tea

Tea for Energy

Start the day with a spring in your step with the boosting bliss of energy tea. When you use tea for energy, you'll have a sustained boost that lasts throughout the day to help you focus on the task at hand.

Sometimes sleepy mornings call for an extra helping hand. While coffee can give you a burst of energy to get things going, it also comes with an inevitable crash in the afternoon. This can be challenging when there are still hours left on the clock! Instead, try tea for energy. Our loose leaf tea blends contain caffeine, L-theanine and other naturally occurring chemicals to reinvigorate you without the unpleasant coffee crash.

Though not all types of tea include caffeine, some are known for their energy-inducing powers. Black teas have the highest percentage of caffeine with green teas coming in second. Other options for caffeinated cups of energy tea include pu-erh teas, oolong teas, and white teas which hold the least amount of caffeine per milligram.

In addition to caffeine, tea contains L-theanine. This naturally occurring chemical helps to metabolise caffeine, which means your energy boost will last longer without the irritability of a caffeine comedown. Studies have also shown that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine can have positive effects on attention span, helping individuals to focus better.

Wake up in the morning to a soothing cup of energy tea that will go the extra mile to keep you alert throughout the day. Simple to brew and highly beneficial, these teas for energy are a natural way to get you up and going in the morning without the need for an afternoon nap.