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Calming Camomile Tea


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Loose Leaf Tea • Caffeine Free • Herbal Tea

Sweet, Soothing & Calming

Relax with a soothing cup of camomile loose leaf tea. Picked from the finest fields in Egypt, this daisy-like flower has been used to calm the nervous system for generations. With its slightly sweet and mellow taste, it is a popular caffeine free drink that many tea-enthusiasts have incorporated into their daily routine.

The flowers blossoms are picked and dried whole for our camomile loose leaf tea. This allows the buds to retain the full flavour. Drink a cup before bed or after a meal as a digestif. It's a blend we can’t get enough of.


Camomile blossoms.


Standard Pouch: Ideal for tea lovers with a few blends on the go! At 40 grams, our standard pouch makes 40 servings.

Café Service Bag: For our single-blend lovers, we are now offering our café-size service bags online! At 250 grams, our café service bag makes 250 servings.