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refreshing tea

Refreshing Tea

Fill up your cup with an invigorating blend of our refreshing tea. It's a sure fire way to cool you down and brighten your day. Sometimes all it takes is a simple brew to make you feel anew.

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    black currant tea
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    Mad River Black Currant

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    Loose Leaf Tea • Caffeine • Black Tea Fruity, Refreshing & Exuberant Our Mad River black currant tea is named after the river that runs through...

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    from $14.00

There are many ways to feel refreshed. Whether it's from waking up from a long nap, going for a run or cooling down on a hot day, finding small ways to feel refreshed is one of the best ways to feel rejuvenated when you are feeling sluggish. In some cases, it can be as simple as choosing the right cup of loose leaf tea

It doesn’t take long to get a cup of refreshing tea to fix what ails you – or at least to give you a bit of a break.

Refreshing teas work wonderfully for cooling you down. While refreshing iced teas tend to be more popular throughout the summer months in Western and European cultures, studies have shown that hot teas can also help cool the body.

No matter how it’s prepared, there are a few blends that tend to hit the spot as a refreshing tea. Herbal and rooibos teas tend to be more popular in the world of refreshing tea, since we turn to them on a hot day for their lighter flavours and lower caffeine content. While white teas are also popular for their delicate and floral flavours.

Don’t suffer through the heat – search for a refreshing tea to lighten any stifling day.