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classic tea

Classic Tea

Nothing quite calms the soul like a cup of classic tea. Whether a fan of English Breakfast or classic Camomile, there are some teas that never go out of style.

There’s nothing wrong with trying new things, but sometimes a classic is all we want. The beauty of classic tea is that it comes in many flavours.

In the West, black tea like English Breakfast or Earl Grey are standard selections, while spicy chais are more common in the fall. Outside of black teas, green and herbal classic tea varieties have grown in popularity.

Classic teas are often those with more purity. Besides the most well known blends, classic teas tend to lean more towards single loose leaf tea varieties like orange pekoe tea, which emphasise the natural flavours of the Camellia sinensis. The way the Camellia sinensis is prepared, and the quality classification of the leaf, has a huge impact on how each tea will taste.

History also plays a role. Take pure green tea for example. It was one of the first teas discovered in the East and therefore, has a rich role in modern tea culture.

The best part about classic tea is by far its diversity. No matter the mood, there’s a classic tea to fit the description and deliver on exactly what you need. From soothing to energy giving, there’s a classic tea for every moment.