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citrus tea

Citrus Tea

It is a celebration of citrus! Brighten your day with a juicy citrus tea. Not only are these teas packed with Vitamin C but they taste great too. Get ready to be reinvigorated with every sip of our citrus blends.

Nothing quite brightens your mood like a cup of citrus tea. Light, tangy, and refreshing, these citrus tea flavours are like sunshine in a cup, which feature flavours like sweet lemon, juicy orange or dark pink grapefruit.

Citrus doesn’t just brighten up our moods, it is also used to help us fight colds and refuel with essential vitamins and minerals. Citrus fruit peels come packed with flavour and antioxidants to help maintain your health while tasting great. 

Citrus tea is excellent served both hot and cold. It can be warming in the winter months, and is excellent with winter spices, or can help you cool down with an iced variety in the summer. Add some syrup or honey to sweeten the deal and offset any of the citrus’ natural tang. 

Often people drink citrus tea in the morning to help them wake up and face the day ahead. While others enjoy caffeine-free lemon varieties after dinner to help with digestion. As for when you should enjoy a cup of citrus tea – the choice is yours!