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loose leaf oolong tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea represents the art of tea marking. These teas are of extraordinarily fine quality and craftsmanship. Taste the difference with our selection of loose leaf oolong tea.

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    Coconut Oolong

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    Loose Leaf Tea • Caffeine • Oolong Tea Sweet, Creamy, & Decadent Limited Edition Spring Blend Escape to the tropics with this rich coconut oolo...

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    Original Price $14.00
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To truly understand what makes oolong tea so special, you have to understand the complexities of tea processing. Tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant and left to oxidize. The type of tea that is made depends on this oxidation process. For example, black tea oxidizes longer for a full-bodied flavour, while green tea takes less time and has a delicate flavour.

Oolong tea is known as a semi-oxidized tea and falls somewhere between a black tea and a green tea. The extent to which oolong tea is oxidized will depend on the specific blend. It can vary in flavour and aroma. Oolong tea can be fruity and sweet, woodsy and rich, or even fresh and grassy. It all depends on this process.

Oolong tea leaves are traditionally twisted or rolled. This artisanal process can alter the taste and aroma of the final product. Due to this process, it is important to find loose leaf oolong tea so that you can truly experience the beauty of this subtle craftsmanship. Watching oolong tea leaves gently unfurl when steeped is a fine experience.

Oolong tea is a testament to the craft of tea brewing. If you love tea, you simply must experience oolong. Explore our selection of quality oolong tea and see the difference for yourself.