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fruity tea

Fruity Tea

Settle for nothing less than the summer in a cup with our fruity tea blends. Delivering on quality flavours from your favourite fruits, these teas will keep you stocked on seasonal sensations all year round.

The best part about fruity tea is that they appeal to everyone. No matter the age, the bright citrus and floral flavours of these fruity blends are always well received. Perfect for a summer day or to brighten up the colder days of the year, these fruity teas are all about adding more fun to life.

Most fruity teas are herbal blends with little to no caffeine. They use a combination of dried fruit, peels, leaves, and flakes to harvest the true flavours of the fruit they represent. From peach to raspberry and strawberry, there is a flavour for every fruit lover.

Fruit tea makes an excellent hot drink but can also work beautifully when iced. The floral aroma of fruit tea never goes out of style. The natural sweetness of fruit tea makes it a great replacement for soda or other sugary drinks. They can help you add more hydration to your day without the calories. 

If you ask us, there is no scenario where fruit tea is not appropriate. It's a crowd pleasing loose leaf tea elixir which shines in every season.