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cozy tea

Cozy Tea

Nothing quite says rainy day vibes like a cup of cozy tea. Warm, soothing, and aromatic, the whole experience of a warm mug in hand can be enough to make you feel like you are wrapped up in a blanket.

The best part about the weather cooling down comes from the ways we choose to stay snug. Our cozy tea gives off a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation in the same way sweaters, hats, blankets and socks do.

However, cozy tea comes down to more than just the temperature. It’s about the flavours and benefits found in each mug. 

Many black teas appear in the fall and winter due to their robust or spicy flavours. The big one tends to be chai tea which is often used in soothing chai tea lattes to set the seasonal tone.

Herbal teas also appear quite commonly in the colder months. They not only offer a caffeine-free option for evening drinks, but they are also hydrating and come with their own unique benefits.

A cozy tea will kickstart the colder seasons. Warm up indoors, with a cup of cozy loose leaf tea as your perfect companion.