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tea syrup

Syrup & Honey

Swap out a spoonful of sugar for syrup and honey. You’ll be able to keep things sweet and satisfying by banishing bitter flavours with a small addition of maple syrup, flavour syrup or locally sourced honey.

Sometimes your tea needs a splash of something sweet. While the perfect brew preferably doesn’t offer up any bitter tones, everyone likes their tea at different degrees of sweetness. Sugar tends to be the most popular option to alter the flavour of your freshly brewed tea but it is not the only option. Latte syrup, maple syrup and honey can offer more benefits.

Honey is just as sweet as sugar but is considered a healthier choice. While it shouldn’t be eaten by the bucketful, honey has a number of positive benefits. Honey has been cited to help with digestive assistance, contain antibacterial properties, antioxidants, and brain benefits. Sugar has a higher fructose level than honey which can lead to a raise in blood sugars.

Latte syrups on the other hand are a unique take on simple syrup. They are distilled and can add additional flavours or depth to each cup of tea. Both maple syrup and honey have a thicker consistency than coarse sugars, therefore they are more easily stirred into a warm cup of tea. Making them the ultimate alternative to your traditional white or brown sugars.