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Our Favourite Summer Iced Tea Recipe

Our Favourite Summer Iced Tea Recipe

Welcome to a world of cool, refreshing indulgence! When the temperature soars, there's nothing quite as satisfying as a tall glass of iced tea. Whether you're lounging by the pool, hosting a backyard barbecue, or simply looking to quench your thirst, iced tea is the ultimate summer companion.

How to make Iced Tea

Ice tea is simple and easy to make! Make the most of our summer collection, by whipping up one of one our our delicious blends crafted by our master tea sommelier.

Choose the Right Tea

Quality tea leaves make quality iced tea. Some popular tea varieties include black tea, green tea, white tea, and herbal tea. Loose tea generally offers a higher quality and more nuanced flavour compared to tea bags. This is because loose tea tends to contain whole tea leaves or larger pieces, when compared to tea bags. This results in a more robust and complex flavour profile. If you appreciate the subtleties and nuances of tea, use loose tea from Clearview for your next batch of iced tea.

Water Temperature

Water temperature is important for extracting the most flavour out of tea leaves. The ideal water temperature for brewing iced tea with loose leaves depends on the type of tea you're using. The following temperatures should act as a guideline. 

  • Black Tea: Use boiling water (100°C/212°F) for normal strength or slightly hotter for extra strength.
  • Green Tea: Heat water to about 80°C/176°F for normal strength or slightly hotter for extra strength.
  • White Tea: Aim for water temperature around 75°C/167°F for normal strength or slightly hotter for extra strength.
  • Herbal Tea: Use boiling water (100°C/212°F) for normal strength or slightly hotter for extra strength.

Brew Time

The steeping time may vary depending on personal preference and the type of tea you're using. The following are general guidelines.

  • Black Tea: Steep for 3-5 minutes for normal strength or 5-7 minutes for extra strength.
  • Green Tea: Steep for 2-3 minutes for normal strength or 3-4 minutes for extra strength.
  • White Tea: Steep for 2-3 minutes for normal strength or 3-4 minutes for extra strength.
  • Herbal Tea: Steep for 5-7 minutes for normal strength or longer for extra strength.

Note: Adjust the steeping time based on your taste preference. Longer steeping times may result in a stronger, more intense flavour but may result in bitterness.

Sweetening and Flavouring 

Before cooling the tea, sweeten it with your preferred sweetener, such as sugar, honey, agave syrup, or stevia. Add the sweetener to taste, stirring until dissolved. 

After it has been cooled, you can also add flavourings and garnish like lemon or lime juice, fresh mint leaves, or a splash of fruit juice for added zest.

Cooling the Tea

After steeping, remove the tea leaves from the hot water. The following are the most popular ways to cool your tea.

  • Pour Over Ice: The quickest way to cool the tea is to pour it directly over a glass filled with ice cubes. However, the ice will melt and dilute the tea.
  • Refrigerate: Transfer the steeped tea to a pitcher and refrigerate until chilled. This method takes longer but ensures the tea remains cold without additional dilution from ice.
  • Flash Chill: If you're in a hurry, you can use the "flash chill" method. Fill a heat-resistant pitcher with ice cubes, then pour the hot tea directly over the ice. Stir until the ice melts and the tea cools down rapidly.

Remember to experiment with the steeping time, water temperature, sweetening and garnishes to find your perfect cup of iced tea. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself this summer!


Why Chill Out With Ice Tea This Summer

There are so many reasons to love iced tea. If you are normally a hot tea drinker, we are here to convert you. Ice tea tastes great and has a bunch of benefits. 

Stay Hydrated

Iced tea is a delicious way to stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months when it is more important than ever. Hit your hydration goals with ease by incorporating ice tea into the mix. 

Low in Calories

Iced tea can be a great alternative to sugary beverages like soda or fruit juices. When prepared without added sweeteners or with minimal amounts, it is a delicious low-calorie option. 

Versatility in Flavours

Iced tea offers a wide range of flavours and blends to suit various taste preferences. From classic black tea to fruity infusions and herbal concoctions, there is a flavour profile for everyone. This versatility allows for experimentation and customization, making it enjoyable to explore different iced tea varieties.

Natural Ingredients

Homemade iced tea can be prepared using natural ingredients, allowing you to avoid artificial flavours, colours, and additives commonly found in commercially produced beverages. It's a great way to enjoy a refreshing drink while sticking to a more natural and wholesome approach.

With the guidance of our master tea sommelier, crafting the perfect iced tea using quality loose tea from Clearview Tea becomes an artful endeavour. Customize by adding your preferred sweeteners and garnishes, like lemon juice or mint leaves. Embrace the versatility and natural goodness of homemade iced tea, which not only keeps you hydrated but also offers a delightful low-calorie option compared to sugary beverages. So, chill out and savour the diverse flavours of iced tea this summer, and embark on a journey of delightful sips that will leave you refreshed and content.

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