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English Breakfast Tea


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Loose Leaf Tea • Caffeine • Black Tea

Malty, Rich & Classic

Raise a toast to the Queen with this classic cuppa. Our English breakfast tea is full bodied, rich and malty. The dark flavours pair well with milk and sugar but can also be enjoyed on their own.

Only the finest black tea is harvested for our loose leaf English breakfast tea. Featuring notes of malt and honey, this aromatic tea variety is best served piping hot. Traditionally it is drunk in the morning but some tea enthusiasts drink it all day long. With moderate caffeine, it is the perfect companion to stimulate your senses morning, noon and night.


Black tea.


Standard Pouch: Ideal for tea lovers with a few blends on the go! At 80 grams, our standard pouch makes 40 servings.

Café Service Bag: For our single-blend lovers, we are now offering our café-size service bags online! At 500 grams, our café service bag makes 250 servings.