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Custom Wedding Blends

Give your guests the gift of a personal wedding blend, complete with a custom label that reflects your style. Custom tea blends make a great guest favour, allowing them to take the memory of your special day home with them. Custom labels will make this a perfect fit with your wedding decor and table decorations.

Please contact us and provide the following:

Your Wedding:
- Bride & Groom's full name
- Wedding date
- Expected number of guests
- Any guest allergies

Your Custom Blend:
- Your blend name (e.g. "Jim & Pam's Wedding Blend")
- Will the blend be custom, or would you like to use one of our existing blends?
- For custom blends, please describe the ingredients you'd like.
- Will you have a custom label, or use our standard labels?
- Would you like a custom label design, or will you provide your own?