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Spring Collection

Spring Collection

Spring is a truly special season in all parts of the world, and what better way to celebrate this season of growth than with a lovely cup of tea? Our spring tea collection features premium teas in a wide range of flavours. Celebrate the changing seasons with one that perfectly suits your palette. We guarantee you will love these invigorating blends that usher in the joys of spring.

Soak in the season with a warm cup of spring tea. Rich in flavour and fragrant with natural aromas, our floral teas will transport you to a blooming garden, while our fruity teas offer a burst of juicy goodness with every sip.

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, embraced by cultures around the globe. It can be prepared in seemingly endless ways, and our spring tea collection is no exception. From refreshing iced teas to cosy hot lattes, there is a blend to suit your mood.

For many tea plantations spring is the time of the first tea harvest. It marks the beginning of the tea-producing year and an opportunity to cultivate some of the finest teas available. During this season, farmers carefully handpick young leaves with delicate aroma and flavour profiles that will soon be used in teas like oolong, green, and white.