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Genmaicha Tea


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Loose Leaf Tea • Caffeine • Green Tea

Toasty, Traditional & Calming

Genmaicha is a classic Japanese green tea which is sometimes called brown rice tea for the roasted and popped rice that is intermingled with the green tea leaves. The roasted rice pairs nicely with bright, vegetal green tea flavours to give Genmaicha tea a smooth, slightly nutty and refined taste.

Originating centuries ago in ancient Japan, there are many tales of how rice fell into the cups of green tea. Some stories suggest it was Buddhist monks who accidentally brewed the concoction, while other stories tell of merchants trying to extend their supply of green tea with rice kernels. It used to be a tea for the pleasant population but today Genmaicha tea is favoured by all levels of society and tea drinkers the world over. Best enjoyed warm. For many, Genmaicha tea has become a morning ritual.


Green tea, roasted rice, popped rice.


Standard Pouch: Ideal for tea lovers with a few blends on the go! At 80 grams, our standard pouch makes 40 servings.

Café Service Bag: For our single-blend lovers, we are now offering our café-size service bags online! At 500 grams, our café service bag makes 250 servings.