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Chai Rooibos Tea


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Loose Leaf Tea • Caffeine Free • Rooibos

Spicy, Bold & Comforting

A rich, aromatic spice blend lends sophistication to the subtle rooibos base of this chai rooibos tea blend. The addition of ginger delightfully offsets earthy cardamom and the nutty taste of rooibos to add depth to the blend. Naturally caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed alone, with milk, or incorporated into a chai latte.

Rooibos is a red tea that originates from South Africa which is known for being high in antioxidants. Like comfort in a cup. Expect only invigorating warmth from a nourishing cup of chai rooibos tea.


Rooibos, aniseed, ginger, black pepper, cardamom seeds, cinnamon, cloves, flavour.


Standard Pouch: Ideal for tea lovers with a few blends on the go! At 80 grams, our standard pouch makes 40 servings.

Café Service Bag: For our single-blend lovers, we are now offering our café-size service bags online! At 500 grams, our café service bag makes 250 servings.