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Cat Mug

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For the cat lover in your life, this 12oz porcelain cat mug is the perfect vessel for your favourite cup of tea. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and has a wide loop handle so you can avoid burns while picking it up, carrying it or taking a sip.

Featuring a blue background and black and grey cats with various facial expressions, you can use this playful cat mug at home or work. Reach for it anytime you brew a hot beverage or need to put a smile on your face. 

If you collect mugs, you’ll definitely want this one in your collection. Especially since this cat mug can be a real conversation starter. Enjoy it yourself, or pass it to a friend as a gift. You really can’t go wrong with giving a friendly cat mug as a gift.


Standard Pouch: Ideal for tea lovers with a few blends on the go! At 80 grams, our standard pouch makes 40 servings.

Café Service Bag: For our single-blend lovers, we are now offering our café-size service bags online! At 500 grams, our café service bag makes 250 servings.