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Bath Truffle


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Get ahead and indulge in a bath truffle. Simply pop one into your bath and wait for the bubbles and aroma to envelop you. There is nothing more luxurious. Soak in the shea, cocoa butter and other delicious ingredients that leave your skin feeling nourished and soft to the touch.

One truffle can last 1-2 baths. Once you have achieved the desired amount of bubbles simply place the remainder of the bath truffle on a clean surface or in a container to dry to reuse next time. Each bath truffle is moisturizing, free of artificial colours and scents, and uses only the finest ingredients found in nature. It is a creamy and more nourishing version of a bath bomb.

Each bath truffle has its own unique scent. Choose from Matcha, Chocolate, Salted Caramel or Banana Oats. Each pack contains 3 bath truffles. Buy them for yourself or give a bath truffle as a unique gift. Everyone deserves a little bit of decadence in their life.